Week 3 assignment guide

Copyright, fair use, Creative Commons

image by Scott Webb

How do we include media in our digital work in ways that are legal and ethical? How do we prevent misuse of the media we create? We'll explore these questions this week, as well as do some work building out the look, feel, and media content of our domains.


For Monday (8am)

Read some (but not all, unless you would like to) of the articles listed below under "Readings." Leave at least one annotation on at least three articles via hypothes.is, in our digitalstudies group.

Look through your colleagues' domains (linked in the #domains channel on Slack). The purpose is twofold: 1) to gain ideas and inspiration for your own site based on what your colleagues have done, and 2) to provide some helpful feedback to each other. You are free to peruse the domains from anyone in any of the DGST 101 sections to gain inspiration. Then leave two comments in the #domains channel on Slack to colleagues in our section, telling them something specific that you found interesting or inspiring about their site. (No negative/constructive feedback at this time, just encouragement.) Be sure to tag their name so they get a notification, and include a link to their domain in your comment so that others who see your comment can see specifically what you're talking about. Something like:

Hey, @kris, I really liked the banner image you chose for pushpullfork.com. It has a good mixture of artsiness and technology, which fits the identity you're trying to project.

(You may find that particular image horrible! This is just an example comment.)

For Tuesday (8am)

Read through your some of colleagues' annotations on the readings of the week. Since the list of readings is long, it will probably be easiest to go to the hypothes.is page for the digitalstudies group. Be sure to look at some of the comments on readings that you did not read, so you can get an idea what they were about.

Tuesday class meeting

We will discuss the ideas emphasized in the readings of the week, as well as do some work on Flickr, Pexels, and Unsplash, searching for images based on licensing/reuse options, and considering how the different licenses impact how we might use them on our domains. We'll also talk through implications for how we share and license are own work.

Discussion questions:

  • What is the difference between plagiarism and copyright violation?
  • Who benefits most from copyight extension?
  • Who benefits most from clear citation practices?
  • Who receives financial compensation for publishing academic articles?
  • Did Aaron Swartz violate copyright law or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

For Thursday

Reply to at least two of your classmates' annotations on readings for the week. Feel free to draw on both your reading/impressions and Tuesday's class discussions/activities.

Think about how you want to license the work that you put on your own domain. Traditional copyright/all rights reserved? Creative commons? Public domain? Something else? Will all content be licensed the same way, or will text, images, and video be licensed differently?

Also find some media (probably mostly images, but also possibly videos, music, or other audio) that you would like to include on your domain, or which you have already included. This can include media you have created yourself. If possible, bring that to class on your computer. If not, pre-upload it to your domain in whatever way is appropriate. We'll get some class time to make sure that we know how to get that media onto our domains in ways that accomplish our aesthetic and communicative purposes, as well as in ways that are consistent with the law and the licensing choices made by the content creators.

Thursday class meeting

We'll devote most of the class to adding and editing media on our domains, and providing each other feedback and assistance doing that. Then we'll walk through an introduction to next week's materials.

For Friday

Complete your self-assessment for Week 3 and add it to the document you created last week.

For materials due Monday and Tuesday, see the Week 4 guide.