Week 12 Assignment Guide

Creative Coding

image by Negative Space

There are many reasons to write computer code. As Nelson and Rushkoff (and plenty of others) have said, learning how computers work and how to make them work is a fundamental competency of human existence. Yet putting it in those terms raises the stakes on what can also simply be used to create something interesting, something annoying, or something beautiful.

Ranging from one-purpose websites, to procedurally generated novels, to the rougher edges of net.art or the diverse field of electronic literature, one can find many applications of computer code executed in support of some idea or simply for the heck of it.

Your job in this module is to learn about computer programming by exploring its creative uses and contributing your own.


For Monday (8am)

Read the reading linked below and peruse several of the projects and resources. You may also find it helpful to peruse the projects in Zach Whalen's sections in #creative-coding on Slack. Leave at least two annotations in our digitalstudies hypothes.is group.

For Tuesday's class

Look over a few of your colleagues' annotations and reply to at least two of them.

Come up with a plan for a creative coding project that you think you'll be able to pull off this week and get started on it. Post a link or upload a snippet of what you're working on to #creative-coding on Slack and give a brief explanation.

Tuesday class meeting

We'll spend most of class sharing project ideas/work-in-progress, soliciting/giving feedback, and showing off to the whole class.

For Thursday's class

Complete your project and post it in #creative-coding on Slack. Preferably (though it is not required), share it publicly on your domain and/or social media.

Thursday class meeting

In Thursday's class, we'll show off and discuss finished work, reflect on the process, figure out any last-second tech support that is needed, and introduce Week 13 (interactive fiction).

For Friday (8am)

Finish any necessary work on your creative coding project. This may involve finishing after getting stuck and receiving help on Thursday, or making any necessary last-second changes.

Be sure to do some work on your domain this week. That would likely be posting your project. Or if that project doesn't fit your site's theme, you can make other additions/changes/deletions on your site.

Complete your self-assessment for Week 12 and add it to the document you created last week. Be sure to comment on the updates you made to your domain, and include links to project work and at least some of your annotations/replies.

For materials due Monday and Tuesday, see the Week 13 Guide.



(in addition to those linked in the introduction paragraph)