Week 10 Assignment Guide

Journalism/Activism, Part 2

image by Carl Heyerdahl

Information. Attention. Imagery. Sound. Data. Clickbait. Ad-tech. Something new is happening around how users leverage different digital media platforms to accomplish positive change in the world. In this module, we'll explore the history of hashtag activism (including any precursors), data-driven journalism, and multimedia/interactive journalism, and think critically about their impact and the possibilities for the future. We'll also create our own digital activist/journalistic projects.


For Monday (8am)

Make a significant dent in your digital journalism/activism/polarization project. Then drop a link and a brief (1-2 sentences) explanation in the #journalism channel on Slack. 

For Tuesday's class

Look over a few of your colleagues' contributions in #journalism and provide positive feedback to at least two of them. Be sure to leave comments for people not at your table, since you'll have class time to work with your tablemates in class.

Come prepared to show off some of your work to the class.

Tuesday class meeting

In class, we'll show off, discuss, and provide feedback on each other's work, as well as get some time to make some progress on them. Time permitting, I'll also show off some of my recent data activism work.

For Thursday's class

Finish your public digital journalism/activism/polarization project. As before, leave a link and a brief explanation of what you did in #journalism on Slack. In your note, please let us all know if you are willing for us to share your work in social media. I'd love to share more of your stuff, especially during this unit, but I also don't want to open any of you to more exposure than you are comfortable with.

Thursday class meeting

In Thursday's class, we'll show off and discuss finished work, reflect on the process and how it may influence your work in the future, and introduce Week 11 (animated GIFs).

For Friday (8am)

Check out several of your colleagues' finished projects in Slack, and leave a specific positive comment on at least two one of them, preferably to people who have not received a comment yet.

Be sure to do some work on your domain this week. That would likely be your public project from this week. Or if that project doesn't fit your site's theme, you can make other additions/changes/deletions on your site.

Complete your self-assessment for Week 10 and add it to the document you created last week. Be sure to comment on the updates you made to your domain, and include links to project work and at least some of your annotations/replies.

For materials due Monday and Tuesday, see the Week 11 Guide.


The following readings are repeated from Week 9, for easy consultation while working.


  • Data4Democracy - a group I recently joined, which some of you may find interesting