End-of-Semester Guide

Final projects and self-evaluations

Image by Colleen Shaffer

There will be no final exam for this course. Instead, we will end the semester with final projects. These will generally be projects of your own choosing, under advisement from me. I anticipate that these projects will primarily be an opportunity to follow-up on topics that we explored this semester, or to work through DGST modules or Domain of One's Own Curriculum modules that we did not do as a class. However, I am open to a variety of project types, provided that they do the following:

  • engage one or more of the course objectives listed on the syllabus
  • include a significant public component

All work must be completed and submitted by Thursday, May 4, 8am.

Project proposals

Come up with a moderately detailed idea for your project and share it with me via a DM on Slack before class on Tuesday, April 25. This proposal should include the general idea of your topic, and some of the details you plan to work out. These details are not set in stone! New things will come up as you work. But I want to make sure you have thought through your process and have a workable plan to begin with.

I will reply as quickly as I can with either approval of your idea, questions about your proposal, or feedback on how to improve it. Be sure get final approval from me before you dive into your project too deeply, and by Friday, April 28, at the latest.


All of the following must be completed by May 4 at 8am.

  • Complete your final project and post (a substantial portion of) it publicly.
  • Provide a link to your public project (and upload any non-public aspects of your project) to the #final-projects channel on Slack.
  • Check out a few of your colleagues' projects and reply to at least two of them in Slack ― focus on specific positive details, things that you enjoyed or that inspired you.
  • Complete your final project self-evaluation. (Remember that the final project ― including the posts in Slack ― count for a double-week in calculating the final grade.)

I'm really looking forward to your final projects! You all have done some great work this semester, and I think these will be a wonderful culmination of that work. I've really enjoyed our time together this semester. Have a wonderful summer!